Quick start

Step by step tutorial

1. Run 3dsMax 2017.
2. Open scene with rigged character.

2. Go to Utilities Panel and press "More..." button.

3. Find MoCapture plugin and press OK.

4. Press "Pick Head" button and click on the character head.

5. Now you can open "Face Wizard" dialog.
6. Click on the top head point or first item in the listbox.

7. Press "LINK" button and choose head control of your rigged character.
8. In the "Controller" dialog select needed controller.

9. Use slider for make sure that plugin link to head control.

10. If link success then press "Calibrate" button.

11. In the opened window you can see motion head. If head rotate wrong use "pitch", "roll" and "yaw" combobox to adjust axis rotation.

12. Now select bottom marker on the chin or second item in the listbox and link it with control that open mouth.
13.In the "Controller" dialog select needed controller (for example ZPosition: Float Limit)
14. Press "Calibrate" button and enter "Offset" and "Multiplier" values so that Val aspired to 0 when mouth is closed.

15. Please configure the remaining items and save config file if you want.
16. Now you can load video and create animation for your character.

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